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Exciting news

Living Well Devon was born out of a need to serve the community with a particular focus on lifestyle to manage health. As many of you will know, we have had to put our series of talks and workshops on hold whilst we navigate our way through these difficult times with coronavirus.

We have been looking around for a way in which we can continue to support the local community and have now found it! We are joining with WEB, Woodbury, Exmouth and Budleigh GP Practices, to support the vulnerable and isolated in the above areas.

We are going to take on the role of co-ordinating volunteers for WEB and so are asking if you are able to support us in this by offering to become a volunteer. We need volunteers for three roles:

Collecting and delivering prescriptions

See below for form to sign up

Grocery shopping

See below for form to sign up

Becoming a telephone buddy

See below for form to sign up

If you are able to provide any help with one or all of the above volunteer positions, please complete our very simple form so that we can be in contact with you. Click here to access the form.

The David Gibbons Trust

We are delighted to receive a donation of £3000 from the David Gibbons Trust to help towards the organisation of talks and workshops that benefit the community's health and well-being.

Thank you.

Living Well Devon is unable to answer personal enquiries or pass emails on to our speakers.

Learn how to improve your health with Living Well Devon

Make lifestyle changes based on clinical evidence

Living Well Devon is a voluntary social enterprise group with a passion to improve community health.

We aim to educate on and support diet, behaviour and lifestyle changes for optimal health.

Find a functional medicine doctor.

Use the Institute for Functional Medicine to find a Dr who is in your neighbourhood.

Kefir Grain Exchange!

Grains available in Exmouth & Budleigh - email for details

For Information about Kefir and how to make both dairy and water kefir go to "Articles and info from previous events" under the Resources tab - or click here

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Want to know more about Gut Health, Autoimmune Disease, Womens Health or The Brain and your Immune System?

Visit - Devon Lifestyle Medicine Blog Page

Did you know that you can order common health tests directly from an NHS Lab?

Monitor My Health

is putting you in control through fast, accurate, NHS approved test results.

for more information please visit Monitormyhealth