The Administrators

Kay Foster - Administrator

BSc(Hons) RN SCM

Hello, I am Kay Foster and I am co-founder, with Dr Charlotte Chandler, of Living Well Devon formed in January, 2018.

I am a retired registered nurse/midwife and have worked in various hospitals in the NHS, including the Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital (RD&E) where I worked in Intensive Care and Coronary Care Unit. I subsequently joined the Queen Alexandra Royal Army Nursing Corps and my eighteen years service took me to many overseas postings serving in our Military Hospitals, including the first Gulf war in 1990-1991.

After leaving the services in 1996 I turned my hobby into a local business, Kay Foster Photography which is how I got to know the local community and am proud to say I have photographed many a local wedding and many babies, most of whom are now teenagers.

I presently serve the community as a Public Governor at the Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital NHS Foundation Trust representing East Devon, Dorset, Somerset and the Rest of England.

I met Dr Charlotte Chandler, a local GP, as a patient, and it was she who introduced me to Lifestyle Medicine. It was a light bulb moment as so many health issues started to make sense to me . I was receptive to her treatment suggestions, which focussed on adjusting my lifestyle, reviewing my medications which were thought to have side effects. The results were life changing for me and I feel I have benefitted greatly and so would like to help spread the word of the benefits of Lifestyle Medicine.

The more I read about Lifestyle Medicine, the more I can see the benefits for our society. But, and this is a big but, the patient has to want to work with the Doctor on making lifestyle changes. This means education, willpower, and the desire to be healthy, to enjoy life feeling well. “Life is not a dress rehearsal” you only get one crack at it. For some, good health is not an option, sadly there are diseases and illnesses that many people do not deserve, however, for most of us good health and well being can be an option so please join us, Dr Chandler, Dr Wilk, Susi Aubrey and myself to assist you to achieve potential optimum health with the help of Living Well Devon