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We will be repeating some of our core talks (for those who missed them in 2018) as well as adding new subjects.

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An Introduction to Lifestyle Medicine

Saturday 15th June at 11.00a.m.

COST - £5 - Payable in advance through this link Eventbrite

Please do not ring the Budleigh Hub to book on this talk

Venue - Telfer Centre Exmouth Community College Gipsy Lane EX8 3AF - Map

Dr Charlotte Chandler

Did you know that 80% of ill health is due to our modern diet and lifestyle?

Humans were not designed to thrive in an environment of a calorie rich, nutrient poor diet, high stress levels, poor sleep and lack of movement. We are becoming sick as a result. Modern illnesses affecting the mental and physical health of our community both young and old are all too easy to see.

The good news is that by understanding the causes of these illnesses and targeting lifestyle change we can treat and even reverse and cure many of these conditions.

The powerful interventions of Lifestyle Medicine will be a game changer for our future healthcare.

Come and find out from Exmouth GP, - Dr Charlotte Chandler how to sift the fact from the fiction and how this approach can help you regain your health.

Tickets now available through this link to Eventbrite

The Future

Our Core Talks

IBS & The Gut Microbiome:- Dr Lucie Wilk

When:- Saturday 2nd November

Venue:- Exmouth Community College

Other Events in Planning

How to Eat Well - a Workshop

Sleep - A Talk

Teen Nurture - an event with workshops, looking at nurturing teenage mental well-being

Managing Chronic Pain - a series of workshops run by Dr Lucie Wilk, Dr Charlotte Chandler with Anna Maria Mazzieri, Senior Lecturer in Sports & Remedial Massage & Director of The Massage Clinic.

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