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Living Well Devon is a voluntary social enterprise group with a passion to improve community health.

We aim to educate on and support diet, behaviour and lifestyle changes for optimal health.

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Dr Lucie Wilk

with Susi Aubrey

The Importance of Managing Stress

for Health and WellBeing

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Saturday 30th March at 3 pm

Stress is a response to internal or external factors which affect every system of our body.

One definition of stress is when an organism is overwhelmed and unable to respond appropriately to it's environment

Stress causes physiological as well as psychological changes, influencing illness and health, as well as how people feel and behave.

When Stress becomes chronic it can exacerbate many conditions and lead to ill health, which is why it is so important to recognise, understand and learn to manage your individual stressors.

The science of what, where and how it affects us is only now becoming understood which is what this talk will focus on.

Kefir Grain Exchange!

Grains available in Exmouth - email admin@livingwelldevon.co.uk for details.

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Living Well Devon

A Voluntary Social Enterprise Group

We are a group of individuals who share similar aims and purpose that are independent of government and are constitutionally self-governing, with an unpaid voluntary management structure.

We, as individuals through personal experience, discovered that there are effective, safe and inexpensive ways to improve our health and achieve potential optimum health by changing our life patterns. Find out more about who we are on the About Us page.

We aim to educate on how to achieve optimum health by arranging talks held in East Devon. We currently operate with the co-operation of The Budleigh Wellness Hub which is situated at the site of the old hospital, Budleigh Salterton.

What brought our four founding members together was a joint passion for educating and spreading the word that we need to be active rather than passive in taking care of our health.

Our talks include the theory, the evidence and the know how of improving your health through making simple life-style changes and help you to implement strategies to work toward optimum health.

Please ring 01395 446896 to book your place on one of our talks.